Terra Pond

Terra Pond application is specially written for Urban Stormwater Management Manual for Malaysia (MSMA). Storm+ V4.0 simplifies the application of MSMA 1st edition and MSMA 2nd Edition by automating computations and leading the user through the drainage design sequence

Now, it is come with run a design in a single click.

For your information, our new version of Storm+ 3.0 has been re-invented with a great improvement on especially in pond design. USDV2 further improve on the productivity of design process and more AUTOMATION on design.

Feature Highlights

  • Simulation in level pool routing based on inflow and outflow.
  • IDF curves and design rainfall
  • Rational Method
  • Rainfall Temporal Pattern
  • Time Area Method
  • On-site Detention (OSD)
  • Level Pool Routing

As a MSMA software developer, we know well about both MSMA 1st edition and MSMA 2nd edition before we provide a complete, reliable and accuate software to our users ! Let's have some glimpse features comparison between MSMA 1st Edition and 2nd Edition.

MSMA 1st Edition (Year 2000 - 2011)


  • On-Site Detention (OSD) should be used for development <= 1 ha.
  • Rational Method for Pond should be used for development <=80 ha.
  • Time-Area Method can produce more economy and accurate design.


MSMA 2nd Edition (Year 2012)


  • On-Site Detention (OSD) can be used for development <= 5 ha.
  • New submission report format.
  • New IDF Data with 162 stations, compared to MSMA 1st Edition with only 36 Stations.
  • New IDF Formulae

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